About Us

Purchasing a property is always the biggest investment one will decide in his life. Seeking for a loan in our country is not a simple matter, especially for those first timers. With competitive interest rates provided by the banks, it rather add up the complexity. Most buyers ended up in confused as every bank has their own attractive packages to offer.

The first priority for the buyers is to seek advice from the appropriate consultant in aiding them to evaluate the existing loan products and gives list of alternatives which are best for them.  

Seeking the Ideal Loan? Talk to Us.

LoanPro is an effective third-party agent for financial institutions and banks. Rest assured as we have a group of energetic and professional consultants with good experience on local as well as international banking institutions with impressive mortgage industry knowledge.

Besides being known as the best loan specialist to the first-time purchaser, we are also highly experienced in refinancing and property investment.

Giving our best to you!

Let us handle the stress. Our financial institutions and panel banks will educate you in finding the ideal loan. 

How can LoanPro guide you through the perfect loan fitted to your prerequisites? 

  • Present to you various loan packages with clear description.
  • Brainstorm the requirements and obtain related details for further application.
  • Suggest loan packages suitable with your given details.
  • Attach your supporting document to complete the loan application.
  • Update the following progress with the banks, valuers, the attending solicitors.
  • Proceed to a progressive follow-up with you.

Let’s Get Started.

We are committed to help you along choosing the most preferable loan. Our expertise will guide you through evaluating terms and conditions, as well as different charges, interest rates and fees. Contact us now at 010-933 3828 to allocate our first meeting which is obligation-free. You are now one step closer to an easier life. 

Our prior motive is to expose the knowledge of mortgage loan to the citizen via detailed information related to mortgage loan using real-life case studies to object any wrong perception or telltale of the industry. Furthermore, consultation upon application and enquiry is available providing you a quick and hassle free process.