About Us

1) Who is LoanPro?
A: LoanPro is an independent website that is free for use who provides loan advisory free especially on mortgage loan. We simplify the process which allows our customers to access to the options available in the market and understand their borrowing eligibility before applying for a loan.

2) How could LoanPro assist me?
A: We offer free mortgage loan comparison that makes you easy to understand in order to apply for the loan with minimal difficulty. You can choose the best options and apply with a single application.

3) Any documents needed to use LoanPro service?
A: Not really. To understand better on your needs, we only require basic information including your name and contact details. Any subsequent paperworks may be required should you wish to proceed further with the respective bank. 

4) What does LoanPro provide? 
i) Educational about mortgage loan. Among our online community, you're sure to locate some useful information about mortgage loan in Malaysia. We cover articles to real-life scenarios that help to shed some light and dispel misconceptions about the industry. 

ii) Loan consultancy/ enquiry & application service. With a single platform, you're able to access to most of the financial providers when come to mortgage loan without the hassle of going to the bank in person. Yes, and we open 24/7/365! 

5) What happen after submitting an application via LoanPro? 
A: You can expect a phone call from us. To prevent online scams, it's our policy to make initial contact through the phone. It's besides for us to obtain basic detail from you in order to expedite the enquiry/ application process with the appropriate banks. From there you decide whether to deal with the banks directly. 

6) Why use LoanPro? 
A: When come to mortgage loan, we provide you with experienced & sound knowledge about the product in order for you to make better decision. Most of the time, you can expect better rates and terms offer from different banks. 

About Loan

1) What types of loan do you cover? 
• Residential property mortgages for both purchase and refinancing including: 
• Housing loan or home loan 
• Residential Land + Construction loans 
• Commercial property mortgages for both purchase and refinancing: 
• Loans for shop house and office lots 
• Loans for serviced apartments, SoHo, SoVo and SoHo 
• Loans for factories 
• Commercial/ Industrial Land/ Agriculture Land 

2) Does LoanPro offer the interest rate on behalf? 
A: We solely work within the policies set up by the banks. In another words, all interest rates and information shall be considered final until an agreement is sealed between you and the bank. 

3) I'm not applying for loan now. Can you keep me update for any good deal? 
A: You're welcome to email us at info@loanpro.com.my anytime should you wanted to receive update from us about latest offer/ good deal. Our officer will address to your needs in a timely manner and you can expect no spam. 

4) How can I feedback about your website? 
A: Thank you! We welcome all kinds of comment. Kindly email to us and one of our team members shall address to it accordingly. Additionally, you may check out our Fans' feedback/ activity from Facebook as well. Visit LoanPro Facebook page.